The Mission

Regenerative ecotourism is a commitment to ensuring that tourism becomes a force for good, giving back more to communities and places in Baja California than it extracts. It goes beyond mere economic gains, actively enriching our communities and playing a vital role in safeguarding and restoring our environment.

Creating a regenerative ecotourism model in Baja California is crucial for the long-term sustainability and resilience of the tourism industry. Considering tourism's substantial impact on our economy, nurturing a regenerative tourism sector also aligns with broader initiatives to reduce our ecological footprint and advance sustainability.

Our Story

Our latest initiative focuses on the establishment of sanctuaries and centres for the rehabilitation and reintegration of marine mammals and the prohibition of captive breeding for recreational purposes.

Regenerative tourism ensures that visitors to Baja California, Mexico become positive agents of change in our communities. They depart as storytellers, equipped to share our unique culture and heritage with the world, leaving a lasting, positive impact in their wake.

We work at: — Revamping the core of the tourism system — Enhancing destination branding and elevating visitor experiences — Empowering communities and stakeholders to effectively handle tourism — Collaborating in strategic alliances — Transitioning stakeholders from extractive practices to sustainable livelihoods and employment opportunities