The Mission

Project Hiu Foundation supports a local community of fishermen to transition away from unsustainable shark fishing to eco-tourism. We believe in lasting, generational change that strengthens families as well as the oceans that surround the islands of East Lombok.

The Project Hiu Foundation, raises money to help build infrastructure, support childhood education and raise local and international awareness of the value of the community’s natural capital. Project include introducing waste management, supporting scholarships for the children of fishermen and expanding fleets.

About this Expedition

Location: Indonesia

Live like a shark fisherman with daily trips on the very boats used to fish sharks, repurposed in tourism. The week trips we run give you a deeper involvement in conservation through visits to the shark market & island where the fishermen live. You’ll be responsible for two boats and their crew deviating from fishing, saving more than 60 sharks, whilst exploring the waters that surround their islands.