The Mission

To recover and restore a variety of threatened marine species, while connecting people to ocean wildlife. Saving the Blue aims to promote green, sustainable living, through education and outreach.

Saving the Blue provides creative educational opportunities in marine science to the public, including experiential and instructional programs. They also educates the public by teaching the benefits of green living, including reusable alternatives, environmentally friendly and marine-safe choices, waste reduction, resource utilization and healthy living.

About this Expedition

Location: The Bahamas

Our science team run week-long research intensive expeditions to the east side of Andros, Bahamas with the aim of contributing critical data to our hammerhead, sawfish, silky shark, Caribbean reef sharkand sharks of Andros projects.

Each expedition will be led by one of our resident scientists, an experienced field technician, and seven research assistants (you). Research assistants will be immersed all week in mini classes, such as knot tying and equipment preparation, followed by in-field experience, and for some, actively participating in research activities. We will conduct a variety of science-based activities, which will include some of the following: baited remote underwater video surveillance deployments (BRUVs), drum line surveys, poly ball captures and more.

We are truly excited to learn more about the sharks and rays of Andros, and we thank you in advance for your support.