Global Conservation Force

“Holding the Frontline” is a short documentary following Global Conservation Force’s recruits on their journey to become rangers. It serves as a powerful reminder of the collective responsibility we share in protecting our planet's diverse wildlife and natural habitats. Today, on World Ranger Day, we come together to acknowledge and celebrate these unsung heroes who willingly place themselves at the forefront of conservation efforts.

As viewers are taken through this captivating visual journey, we witness firsthand the physical and mental challenges faced by these aspiring rangers. Through dense jungles, across treacherous terrains, and amidst intimidating encounters with wildlife poachers, they demonstrate unwavering dedication that often goes unnoticed.

The film not only sheds light on the arduous training required but also emphasizes the emotional toll that being a ranger can have. The overarching message lingers long after viewing: it takes an entire global community to preserve our planet for future generations.



- Inside Halton Website

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